Fight Winter With Winter

Dry skin is something us Alaskans know about all too well. The winter months gift us with beautiful snow-blanketed mountains, frosted trees that glisten in the sun, and 0% humidity (at least it feels that way). No matter how much water you drink or pounds of lotion you layer on your skin to the point of walking around like a zombie waiting for them to dry, those pesky splits around your fingernails and bleeding cracking knuckles seem to be a gift that comes along with winter.

We decided if we were struggling with this problem there must be others and that is how the Alaska Winter Soap and Salve line was created.  These two products give your skin the fighting power it needs to stay moisturized and not looking unrecognizable and “handruffy”.  The Alaska Winter Soap and Salve differ from our other soaps and salves in that they have castor and neem oils in them. Castor oil comes from Castor seeds and is a thick oil with a consistency of honey. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, helping to keep those cuts from getting too swollen or infected. Castor oil is also a great moisturizer, the highly concentrated fatty acids act as humectants which retain moisture and attract it to your skin. I could write a whole blog post on just Castor oil, the benefits are endless, from the tip of your head to the bottom of your feet Castor oil can help with hair growth, digestion, acne and keeping your skin flawless.

Neem Oil is why I especially love this salve. Growing up I had terrible eczema, I was allergic to dairy products and trying to tell a child they can’t have something only makes them want it more. Every time I would eat dairy and break out my mother would cover me in a thick plaster like lotion and then wrap my arms and hands in strips of cloth so I wouldn’t scratch myself and  I would go to bed looking like a mummy. I wish we knew then what I know now. Neem is filled with Quercetin and Nimbin compounds that reduce inflammation, itchiness and work as an anti-histamine. It is also rich in vitamin E which helps to heal the cuts and cracks. Like Castor oil, it is abundant in fatty acids that call the moisture to your skin and keep it there. We can say that I don’t scare my spouse with the nightly mummy routine any longer.

If you too struggle with episodes of mummy hands or fear of taking off your socks the Alaskan Winter products might be the solution to your sandpaper hands.  From flakey skin to cracking feet to the ashy elbows and elephant knees, the Alaska Winter soap and salve has got you covered (no pun intended).


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