It’s All About the Butts

We have some exciting news to share with all of you – we have added two new members to The Dream Team. We want to introduce Arie and Jack. They joined us in early October, and are already earning their keep: they are here and ready to introduce the newest product to Denali Dreams product line. 

As a first-time mom, it’s been a new adventure to take care of two babies’ delicate skin. It’s a whole new regime in itself. As most of our products have blossomed from a form of need, this new product did as well. Even before the little ones can have a bath, their little baby bums need all the love they can get. Their first poops are called meconium, which sticks to the baby’s skin is like 2-part epoxy and leaves their bums raw and red. I realized instantly that I needed something specifically for them. We introduce to you the first of our Baby Bear Line, Baby Bear Butt Balm.

What makes this balm different than our other balms? To start, we infuse olive oil with calendula flowers. Calendula is a beautiful orange and yellow edible flower found in the Aster family. The flowers have been found to help soothe and heal any type of skin irritation. Whether it’s an irritating diaper rash, itchy eczema, or a pesky wound, calendula flowers have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. When your baby’s bum is red and inflamed the infused olive oil will help keep the swelling and redness at bay all while making sure their butts are protected and healing. 

The other oils (avocado, aloe vera and castor) and shea butter we add to the balm help to soothe and repair the uncomfortable feeling caused by a diaper rash. These oils are packed with lots of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals – all things needed to mend those tender behinds. For a little sweetness, we also add in a hint of lavender and orange essential oils, both of which are baby-friendly and can have calming and restorative properties for sensitive skin. 

What causes diaper rash? It seems like a silly question but there are multiple answers. It can be caused by irritation, infection, or allergies. The irritation comes from the diaper and or poop rubbing against the skin which causes the skin to become irritated and raw. Changing diapers often can help alleviate this. An infection comes along with a pee diaper that is left on too long. Pee can change the skin’s pH level which opens the door to bacteria and fungi. Lots of diapers are created to lock in moisture to prevent leaks which also creates the perfect environment (warm and moist) for bacteria and fungi to thrive. The infused oils in the balm with their anti-microbial and fungal properties will inhibit bacterial and fungi growth. Lastly, allergies – babies have sensitive skin and can develop allergies to all sorts of things from detergents to wipes to diapers, and these can cause the skin to develop a rash. Keep an eye out if the rash doesn’t subside with the use of the balm as this could be the result of another underlying issue. 

I can say after two months of lathering up the twin’s bums it’s nice to know that they are protected and moisturized. I’m excited to develop some other products that will help cater to their new, growing and oh-so-smooth skin. If you have any requests, suggestions, or questions please feel free to reach out. I would love to learn, help and protect the little cuties.

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