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Personally, I was never one for baths until we decided to bring on a bath bomb line. I wanted to do a little research and development to make sure that what I was selling to you wasn’t going to dye your skin a blueberry blue or require you to scrub your tub after a nice, relaxing soak. In the process, I realized by talking to my staff that I was missing out on this whole world of self-care and indulgence. I talked with several people who made a ritual out of bath time – not just with a candle, some music, and a glass of wine but really went for it. There is a whole group of people who make meals to eat while they bathe (I haven’t been brave enough to do this, sliced cucumbers are about exciting as it gets for me). Bath time can be so much more than just relaxing in the tub – it’s an entire experience. Even if it’s once in a blue moon, you deserve a chance to explore all of the possibilities and treat all five of your senses.

So, are you interested in taking a dip but not sure where to start? Do you feel like you’re in over your head (hehe)? This blog will help you to draw and curate the perfect bath. First, let’s start by setting up the perfect space. Start by bringing in things that help you wind down – play some music, bring a book, do a crossword, or you can just contemplate why you don’t do this more often (like I do). If you like some mellow tunes, check out the Wrinkleytoes playlist on Spotify – we’ve hand-picked some of our bath time favorites just for you. Next, I really like to prepare something refreshing. Sometimes I’ll slice up some fresh fruit or veggies and a chilled drink – I think it feels good to drink something cool when you are soaking in the hot tub. Other mood-enhancing things to spruce up the night can include a bouquet of fresh flowers, a candle, or pouring yourself a glass of that wine that was looking for a reason to be opened. Basically, it’s whatever you find relaxing. Maybe you take it back to your younger years and line the side of the tub with green army men – indulge in whatever puts a smile on your face.

Now, let’s talk about bath additives. There are three that The Dream Team and I like to sprinkle in the tub. The Denali Dreams Bath Bombs are a great choice if you are wanting a little bit of everything. To start, it is delightful to watch the bomb dissolve and disperse all the nourishing ingredients into the water. They have epsom salts to soothe your achy muscles. The scent sets the mood and can even help open up a stuffy nose (check out the Permafrost Bath Bomb, the eucalyptus and peppermint will help blow the stuffiness out of the water – pun intended!) Whether you are feeling like you need some grounding notes or something fresh and fruity, there is a scent for everyone to help tickle your nose and treat yourself. To top it off, these Bath Bombs contain luxurious olive oil which will keep your skin feeling creamy and moisturized. 

 If you are looking for more control over how much product goes into your bath, try the Fizzy Bath Salts. Similar to the bath bomb, this loose treat can be added at whatever amount that you would like. These blends also have Alaskan Sea Salt in them which does wonders for the skin. This particular salt comes packed with rich minerals that help with acne and balancing the pH level of your skin. In addition, sea salt helps to detox and pull impurities out of your pores. 

          Are you looking for something more simple? Try the Bath and Body Oils. A blend of almond and avocado oil with a touch of scent, these oils are the perfect bath time partner. The aromatherapy and the moisturizing oils will coat your skin with just the right amount to leave your skin silky smooth with a hint of aroma. If you don’t want to put them in the bath try lathering up after you emerge from your soak. These oils are a great alternative to using lotion. 

No matter your style, a bath is a great way to unwind, soothe muscles, and have some downtime. Maybe you are looking for something simple without the frills or you want to put your cowgirl boots on and kick back with a glass of wine, bath time is what you make of it. As my husband says – You do you, booboo. 


Do you have a bath time ritual to share? What’s your favorite bath time treat? Let us know! We are always looking for new ways to enjoy a soak!


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