Don’t Be a Boo About Solid Shampoo

Eek! My mummy just gave me Denali Dream’s shampoo and its a solid bar! Fear not, this post will help unravel the myths and horrors behind solid shampoo bars and let you in on the secrets of why they are un-boo-lievable!

What makes them un-boo-lievable?

Even before you start washing your hair there are so many pros to using a shampoo bar. To start they are travel-friendly, which means you won’t be haunted by the TSA and worrying about being under 3 oz, it’s a solid! The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, decreasing our footprint is important when plastic packaging in the personal care industry contributes to a large proportion of waste in the household. To top it off, our shampoo bar is all natural, we don’t use frightful chemicals that will harm your eyes, scalp or skin. We use ingredients like shea and cocoa butter to help nourish hair and scalp and castor oil to help promote strong healthy strands.

Not all shamp-boos are made the same what’s the difference from the shampoo bar to our other bars? What’s the difference between this brew and our other brews?

When crafting soap there are three qualities that go into a bar, lather, hardness, and cleansing.   The amounts and types of oils/fats used in the soap will help distinguish what qualities the soap has. When it comes to creating a shampoo bar, the long-lasting lather and cleansing quantities are the properties that get a little more emphasis. Not to say the other quantities don’t exist there are just more of the oils that go into making it lather and cleanse which decreases the hardness and increases lather and cleansing.

You don’t have to conjure up a magic spell to use it.

The same way you would use a bar of soap on your hands. Wet your hair and you can either use the bar by rubbing it on your head or by creating a lather right in your hands and massaging it into your hair. After it’s been thoroughly massaged in, rinse all the soap out. Bibbity, Babbity Boo, you now have a boo-tiful head of hair.

No one wants to leave the shower feeling like a scarecrow, what about a conditioner?

On the back of the Denali Dream’s Shampoo Bar, we have a recommended apple cider or lemon juice rinse. When we wash our hair it changes the pH level of the strands and allows them to open up in a way that causes them to get stuck on other strands hence the tangled problem. What the rinse does, is helps bring your hair back to its normal pH level leaving your hair silky and smooth again. The apple cider also helps keep moisture locked into your scalp which in turn wards off dandruff.

Have you been feeding your hair too many potions?

If you find that your hair is having a horror-ible time adjusting to this new way of washing, this is normal. There is a detox period, shampoo detergent strips your hair of its natural oils and leaves a build up of silicones and thickens on your hair. It will take some time for the build-up to wash off your hair and to regulate the oils it naturally produces. Let me be Frank, stick with it witches!

See, the solid shampoo bar isn’t so scary after all. We dare you to give our special a try, your choice of a shampoo bar, Lavender, Rosemary, and Clary Sage or Lemongrass, Lemon and Litsea with your own convenient travel tin. Your hair will be screaming to use it. Try it out if you dare,

Happy Halloween!



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