Skeeter Away Natural Bug Repellent

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A bug spray you actually want to put on! Pure essential oils of cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass, and geranium combine with citronella oil in an almond oil base to create a potent spray that naturally repels insects. This environmentally friendly recipe makes it so you can reapply freely and in good conscience.



A 2 oz bottle of Skeeter Away Bug Spray, or an 8 oz refill Skeeter Away Bug Repellent Bottle, an option of one of both

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Weight 2 oz

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5 reviews for Skeeter Away Natural Bug Repellent

  1. Katy Gaffney

    Love love love this spray! My son attracts mosquitos like crazy and is also allergic to most things we put on his skin to keep the bugs away. This spray smells good, doesn’t cause an allergic reaction on my kid, and keeps the bugs away! We’ve been buying it for years and will absolutely continue every year!

  2. Betty

    Convenient size and pleasant smell. Also seems to work quite well.

  3. Allie

    recently came back to this spray after forgetting about it for a couple of years – i LOVE it. I work in a forest and the lemongrass oil makes me feel protected against tics.. i usually have problems with chiggers but not this summer!! LOVE this bug spray and feel comfortable putting it on my face which is awesome. thank you so much!!

  4. Bill

    I attract skeeters like I am Fabio doing housework in a room of woman. I will be a pin cushion in seconds and will be fainting from blood lose. When use this product, skeeters avoid me like Frankenstein. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and will be testing it in Texas. Hoping for the same results as in Alaska.

  5. M

    I’ve been using this for my daughter (age 6 now). We hike and play outside a lot and she attracts mosquitoes like no one I’ve ever seen and gets terrible swollen welts from bites! This stuff WORKS!!!

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