FisherMan Soap

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Don’t let your daily catch leave your hands and skin smelling fishy. Our Alaska Fisherman’s Soap has got you covered! Crafted with freshly ground coffee that neutralizes even the toughest of odors and the essence of lemon and lemongrass, your hands will be clean and back to reeling order in no time. Clean up hook, line, and sinker…fish on!


Alaska Fisherman Soap is specially blended to get the slimy fishy stink off of hands and/or any other body parts that may have gotten slimed while reeling in the catch of the day. Fresh ground coffee neutralizes bait smell, while the essence of lemon leaves you smelling clean and fresh. Scented with essential oils of lemon & lemongrass. Clean up hook, line, and sinker…fish on!

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1.5 in

Individual Soap, Soap With Brown Oval Soap Lift

1 review for FisherMan Soap

  1. Bill

    After having to shower with cruise ship soap !UNACCEPTABLE! Found this in a gift shop. Very sudsy and made my backpack smell amazing! Hard soap bar will last a long while. The other bars also had strong scents, but this one was definitely my pick, got a bar for my folks who stayed on the ship and wow did they love it too.

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