Dog Wash Soap

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Your pup’s new favorite soap! The all natural choice for conscientious pet owners. Treat your four-legged family
member to a bath that is good for their coat and their skin. Naturally hypoallergenic, we add neem and castor oils to soothe itchy skin and let their coats shine. The essential oil blend of peppermint, wintergreen, and cedarwood helps repel bugs and remove those stinky smells that our pups love to roll in.



Choose this 3.3 oz Dog Wash Soap individually, or add it onto a brown oval soap lift for an eye-catching gift!

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Weight 3.5 oz


9 reviews for Dog Wash Soap

  1. J thompson (verified owner)

    After years of trying various medicated shampoos on our lab with skin issues, including shampoos prescribed by 3 different vets, I was astounded at the great results of your soap. I just ordered a bunch more bars. After 3 days, the dog looks great, doesn’t smell, and is not scratching. I know 3 days doesn’t seem like much, but compared to previous shampoos, it is a marked improvement!

  2. Tina (verified owner)

    This soap is amazing. Our dog likes to smell like a dog, but if he’s to share our home, he has to have baths. This smells great and lathers fabulously. We were given one as a gift, now we give them as gifts to our doggie friends.

  3. J. Karwedsky

    We bought this soap for our dogs last summer when we visited Alaska. It’s the only thing we use now! It smells wonderful, and works great on both long and short coats. I’m ordering 4 more right now. One for us, and 3 as Christmas gift for our doggie relatives!

  4. Cheryl Mizell

    I forgot I bought this soap when I was in Alaska. I tried it on my dogs and I loved it. It lathers nicely, and rinses off easily. My dogs hair was squeaky clean. There was no perfume smell that other dog shampoos have, and their fur was soft and fluffy.

  5. Rick Medlin

    We bought this soap on impulse while visiting Alaska. We didn’t quite know what to expect, buy what a difference. It is so much easier to rinse out than commercial dog shampoo. Our dog’s fur is softer and smells great. The soap smells so good, he tried to eat it! Nevertheless, we’re very happy with the results.

  6. Marty

    Our Rosie has always had itchy skin. We tried so many different washes, but nothing really helped her. Then my daughter brought this soap home from Alaska. It has been the first soap ever to make Rosie’s skin not to be red and enable her to grow her hair back in her itchy patches. We love it. Thank you!!!!

  7. Sharon da Silva (verified owner)

    We purchased a bar of the dog soap on a cruise to Alaska 4 years ago and I am so thankful that we found this product! My poor dog Chloe was scratching herself raw all the time and nothing we tried worked! One bath changed all that and we have never used anything else on her since then. Y’all keep up the good work because you have a customer for life now!

  8. Sharmila Shroff

    Like Sharon, I purchased this while on an Alaskan cruise to Ketchikan a month ago. Fortunately, my dog (a sheltie) doesn’t have the itchy affliction, but I used it on her today and it is amazing how soft and shiny her coat is. I will definitely be getting more when this gets used up. Thank you!!!

  9. Julie Eklund

    I’m a Professional Pet Sitter and I recommend this dog wash to all my canine clients.

    It smells marvelous. While it creates a generous lather, it rinses out of even the thickest coats easily leaving it squeaky clean.

    Bonus? No knocking over a bottle of liquid soap as your dog squirms around the shower/tub.

    A friend brought me a bar from her cruise to Alaska and it’s been my one and only go-to ever since.

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