Alaska: On the Bucket List – Eat Your Way Across Alaska

Part Two in our Alaska Series, we’ve compiled a guide for where to eat when you get to reschedule your Alaskan vacation. Food may be the one thing we love more than soap here at the Dream Team, and our mouths were watering just listing all of these yummy places to visit. We hope you get to enjoy some of these delicious places soon! Our master wrapped Darcy, moonlights as a foodie for our Anchorage section of this blog.


So I’m kind of a foodie.

Let me rephrase. I’m literally planning my next meal before I’ve finished eating my current one and I regularly shock my husband with the detail of which I remember even the most obscure meals we’ve eaten together. Food is so much more than just fuel for your body; it’s my reference point and I’m thrilled to share with you the “foodie data” I’ve been compiling on the Anchorage restaurant scene for the last nine years I’ve lived here.

Within Anchorage


Club Paris  Located Downtown @ 417 W. 5th Ave.

Burger haven by day and highly coveted steakhouse by night, Club Paris is one of the oldest establishments in town. Extremely high quality, flavorful and reasonably priced, you just cannot beat their lunch burger.

Tommy’s Burger Stop  Located in Spenard @ 1106 W 29th Place

Tommy’s Burger Stop wins best burger in the Anchorage Press Picks year after year and for a good reason. This burger joint wins on all fronts: location, quality, character and taste.

Altura Bistro  Located in City Center Mall @ 4240 Old Seward Hwy.

For the discerning eater and burger-craver, Altura dishes up one of the juiciest burgers I’ve ever sank my teeth into (and that says a lot!). With bacon mixed into the filet mignon they use for the patties, rotating decadent burger specials and house-made chips fresh for every order, Altura is a must.

The Spenard Roadhouse  Located in Spenard @ 1049 W Northern Lights Blvd.

Ever try bacon jam? Well if not, your life is about to change. The Spenard Roadhouse dazzles the city with its infamous “Bacon Jam Burger” and wins every time. Thoughtfully topped with some other winners like grilled apple, arugula and cambozola cheese, this burger will kick that craving until next time (however long that may be!).


While Anchorage isn’t known for its top-notch Chinese fare, I’m going to let you in on a little local’s secret: Charlie’s Bakery. I know you’re wondering why I’m recommending you to a bakery when this is the Chinese food category. Well, guess what? It’s both! Located in midtown @ 2729 C St., Charlie’s Bakery is actually a delicious bakery and a delicious Chinese restaurant. Check them out on a Saturdays for a special menu. Steamed pork buns are a must and definitely get a baguette to go.


Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria Located @ 3300 Old Seward Hwy.

This is, by far, one of the most popular restaurants in Anchorage. More on the “gourmet” side of things with offerings such as a Thai-style chicken pizza with zesty peanut sauce and a taco-inspired pizza. Meat and veggie lovers alike will have options for days.

Hearth Artisan Pizza  Located in Spenard @ 1200 W Northern Lights Blvd.

Another establishment on the “gourmet” side of pizza, Hearth offers some vegan-friendly options for the more healthful pizza-seeker with their beet pizza being a local fav.

Saverio’s Pizzeria  Located in midtown @ 530 E Benson Blvd.

The only pizza even remotely resembling anything I grew up eating in New York, this spot has been a godsend for our city (in my humble opinion). Without such an extensive menu to focus on, Saverio’s is laser-focused on the freshness and quality of their ingredients. And they have garlic knots!


Campobello Bistro  Located in midtown @ 601 W 36th Ave.

Open after 4PM for dinner on Tuesday through Saturday, Campobello Bistro is a breath of fresh air and a blast from the past at the same time. Alaskan seafood meets Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean twist all tied together with exceptional table service.

Latin-Inspired Cuisine

Taco King (multiple locations around the city. Consult the google machine for your closest one)

A tried-and-true Anchorage favorite. Nothing fancy to see here but they’ve got you covered on all the bases: a delicious breakfast burrito that’s available all day, tasty carne asada tacos, chicken tortas and refreshing horchata to top it all off. Bonus points for giving their churros a shot.

Tequila 61  Located Downtown @ 445 W 4th Ave.

If you’re looking for more of a sit and sip while you eat experience, your heart (and your stomach) will be glad you braved downtown parking for Tequila 61. A spacious dining room with high-brow and handmade cocktails, the juiciest carnitas tacos I’ve ever had and an innovative menu, Tequila 61 does not disappoint.

Bear Tooth Grill + Theatre Pub  Located in Spenard @ 1230 W 27th Ave.

Yes, you read that right—there is still a theatre pub in Alaska! Want to eat some tacos or get down on a burrito while you catch a flick? Check out the theatre side. If you’re looking for a more traditional dining experience to go along with your tacos, check out the grill side. Also known for their extensive tequila selection, the Bear Tooth is a popular Anchorage spot.

Southeast Asian

Pho Vietnam (Multiple locations throughout the city. Consult the google machine for your closest one)

Pho Vietnam provides Anchorage with a perfectly balanced menu of Thai and Vietnamese food. With delicious homemade rice noodles, egg rolls fried to perfection, tasty tofu banh mi sandwiches and giant bowls of pho if you’re feeling a soup craving coming on, Pho Vietnam has a little something for everyone.

Lahn Pad Thai  Located on the South Side @ 2101 Abbott Rd.

Cozy and family-owned, Lahn Pad Thai makes some of the tastiest rice noodles in town.

Thai Siam Located in Spenard @ 3801 Lois Dr.

Consistent and always enough for leftovers, Thai Siam is another cozy and family-owned local Thai food spot.

Pho Lena  3 Locations: Downtown, Spenard and inside the Northway Mall

An Anchorage must, Pho Lena offers an extensive menu of pho, curry and your classic Thai favorites.

**Local’s tip: Their seasonal mango sticky rice is a must.

Ray’s Place  Located in Spenard @ 2412 Spenard Rd.

Your trip to Anchorage would not be complete without a visit to this favorite local spot. Closed on the weekends, the kind and friendly folks at Ray’s are cooking up delicious Vietnamese fare for you Monday through Friday.

**Local’s tip: Ray’s has the best fried rice in town!

Indian + Himalayan  

Yak & Yeti  Restaurant: 3301 Spenard Rd. / Café: 1360 W. Northern Lights Blvd.

With a restaurant in Spenard with table service or a café option just a few blocks away for a quick bite, Yak & Yeti offers the best of both worlds at a reasonable price.

**Local’s tip: Café location does not serve naan bread.

Namaste Shangri-La Located in Frontier Park @ 2446 E Tudor Rd.

Conveniently located in the same plaza as a dance studio if you are rhythmically inclined, Namaste cooks up nourishing Indian fare.

Ethiopian + Turkish 

Queen of Sheba  Located in Midtown @ 2813 Dawson St.

If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, Queen of Sheba is a must-see in Anchorage. Traditionally served with no forks, diners use injera (a sourdough flatbread) to scoop up tasty bites of their food.

Turkish Delight  Located @ 2210 E Northern Lights Blvd.

One of my favorite restaurants in the city, Turkish Delight has it all: good service, high quality meats and delicious Turkish tea and coffee service. Their falafel is a must.

Japanese + Sushi 

Sushi & Sushi  Located in Midtown @ 3337 Fairbanks St.

More on the upscale side for Japanese dining in Anchorage, Sushi & Sushi offers its guests delicious sushi rolls, an elevated sake selection and an unbeatable bento-box lunch special.

**Local’s Tip: All dine-in dinner orders come with a free dessert!Jimmy’s Sushi  Located @ 550 W Tudor Rd.

Jimmy’s Sushi is a hidden gem in the west Tudor area. With one of my favorite sans-rice rolls in town (hint: check out the “Sweetheart” roll) and a limited Chinese and Thai menu as well, Jimmy’s has a little something for every diner.

Naruto Located @ 3600 Minnesota Dr.

For a hidden ramen stop which will transport you to Japan, check out these guys. They have a variety of bowls as well as vintage Japanese pop-culture playing to help set the mood.


Hula Hands  2 Locations: 501 W. Fireweed Lane + 4630 Mountain View Drive

Looking for some savory Island fare? Open for lunch and dinner, Hula Hands has you covered with classics like chicken katsu, kalua pulled pork and their famous mac salad. Sweeten the deal with a slice of their mango chiffon cake for later.

Lei’s Poke Stop @ 1142 North Muldoon Rd

Lots of classic poke options which will take you back to Hawaii.


South Restaurant + Coffeehouse Located @ 11124 Old Seward Hwy.

With bar or dining room seating available, tasty hand-crafted cocktails, a full espresso menu and well-plated and tasty entrees, South’s brunch has never disappointed me yet.

Biscuitclub  Located downtown inside 4th Ave. Market Place @ 333 W. 4th Ave.

It would be a shame if you visited Anchorage and never hit up this diamond in the rough biscuits and gravy joint. A small, intimate space with a full espresso bar tucked away in a cozy little nook of downtown, the Biscuitclub offers a unique twist on a classic tradition: Biscuits, gravy and karaoke!

Fire Island Bakery 3 locations: downtown, south side and airport heights.

Anchorage’s most popular bakery, serving up freshly baked breads, scratch sandwiches, outrageous treats, soups and hot chocolate.

**Local’s tip: Make sure you grab a baguette to go.

Jackie’s Place Located in Spenard @ 2636 Spenard Rd.

Looking for more of a diner-esque experience? Jackie’s Place is light on the frills but heavy on the protein and sweet Hawaiian bread French toast.

Outside of Anchorage


The Bake Shop is another must-visit for me in Girdwood. Their Sourdough Pancakes or their Alyeska Sourdough Loaf is phenomenal. They also have bottomless bowls of soup!

Jack Sprat’s has a mission of making something for everyone, and they really hit their mark. They have a top-notch tea service, and their flourless chocolate cake is the bomb.

Sakura is a treat for me every time I spend the day in Girdwood. Just a hop, skip and jump from Anchorage, this little sushi spot wows me every single time. I recommend sitting at the sushi bar and getting some small plate offerings from the chef while watching him chop and roll.

Double Musky creating classic New Orleans dishes with an Alaskan seafood twist. An old after-ski stop, their shrimp and sausage jambalaya is a favorite.

The Ice Cream Shop has over 30 flavors of hard ice cream and even includes some dairy-free options, they’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Coast Pizza is a great option if you need something fast and easy to hold you over until your destination.

Seward (and nearby)

Woody’s Thai Kitchen is a delightful little Thai gem in Seward with a fun lively atmosphere using fresh and local ingredients when available. Their panang is bar-none and a must-eat.

The Cookery consistently cooks the best food I’ve ever eaten. Their menu changes regularly based around what is fresh and in-season, and is a must-do for every Seward visit. If you are in search of oysters they have fresh local oysters that are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Kingfisher Roadhouse (in Cooper Landing) is known for their seafood, but their burgers are also pretty tasty. Their extensive wine menu is sure to have something which will pair perfectly with your meal – ask your server for their recommendation!


Alice’s Champagne Palace offers classics created with local seafood. It’s not too fancy, but what they make, they make really well. It’s a great place to stop and have a drink

Two Sisters Bakery is a not-so-secret hot spot in homer. They specialize in unique custom cakes, so if you’re celebrating something (even if it’s just the fact that you’re on vacation) be sure to check them out.

The Saltery is located across the bay in Halibut Cove for a fine dining experience. Treat yourself to a boat ride and an outdoor atmosphere with fresh catch and local veggies. Make sure to wear an extra layer – it gets a little chilly!


The Flying Squirrel Cafe covers all of your meals – bakery and cafe by day, pizzeria by night, they’re sure to fulfill all of your carbovore needs. Their drinks include fun, local items like Rhubarb-ade and Birch Chai give an Alaskan spin to the classics.

Mountain High Pizza Pie is a “Lively Purple Pizzeria” uses fresh herbs and veggies from their garden and seasonal Alaskan classics like fiddle-heads and salmon to make phenomenal pizzas.


49th State Brewery has world-class brews and delicious food to match. Their staff really knows their stuff and they love talking beer and would love to recommend something for you

229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern regularly changes their offerings to reflect what is locally fresh and in-season. They partner with a co-op to get fresh produce, seafood, meat, and other local goodies. They are worth the wait, but if you know you want to visit I highly recommend calling and making a reservation

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