Klondike Kate Facial Spritz

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Klondike Kate, the Belle of the Yukon, knew how to glitz with a spritz. She knew a woman looking for prospects needed to be fresh, fierce and fabulous. Klondike Kate’s Facial Spritz will give your complexion a glamorous glow. A simple mist will leave your skin luminous and refreshed. Your prospects will be saying “You’re gold to me!”


A 2 oz glass bottle with a sprayer of either the Hyrdate or Tone Klondike Kate Facial Spritz

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Hydrate, Tone

1 review for Klondike Kate Facial Spritz

  1. LB Johnson (verified owner)

    Get your glow on. I have pretty good skin, using natural products for the last 10 years, and have always worn sunscreen (I was a commercial airline pilot so SPF under my foundation was a must). But mid-day now, especially in a heated home my skin starts getting a little dry, and both my complexion and I need a little “pick me up”. This is perfect. The spray really does give my skin a gentle glow and smells wonderful but the essential oils the hydrosol is derived from are not so overpowering that they irritate either the nose or my skin (I’m prone to eczema which many fragrances trigger). I keep a bottle at my desk, and one in my purse.

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